From 18 - 20 October will take place the 3nd Reutlingen E-Mobility Days – will take place at WAFIOS. Once again, partner companies will be exhibiting groundbreaking technologies for the E-mobility industry. The focus will be on an "Efficient Powertrain". In close cooperation, WAFIOS and GEHRING will show the entire manufacturing process of a stator. Co-exhibitors complete the exhibition program with innovative solutions for the production of copper wire up to the measurement of the finished hairpins.

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The lectures

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Flexible series production of hairpins

  • Production of hairpins with a cycle time of 1.0s and highest accuracy on the SpeedFormer
  • Adaptive straightening process: Measuring the straightness of shaped copper material in combination with an electrically controlled straightening module
  • Reliable concept - From the development phase to series production thanks to our WAFIOS production technology integrated in prototypes as well as large-volume series
  • High output combined with minimum space requirements and low investment costs
  • Quality control by integrated verification of geometry features, e.g. leg position or contact surface, using intelligent camera technology
  • Flexible change of hairpin geometries without retooling due to 3d bending technology that does not require any shape-dependent tools

FMU 32 E, FMU 40 E

Hairpin bending machines for small series of hairpins

  • The special rotary unit that has been newly developed, enables the production of flat inductor coils, e.g. for axial flux motors
  • Laser is fully integrated in the WAFIOS user interface, compact, easy-to-use layout
  • The simulation of the bending process opens new possibilities in the e-mobility sector, e.g. as a tool for feasibility analyses or collision control
  • The WAFIOS tool system for hairpins combines active rotary-draw bending with the agility of conventional wire bending tools. It prevents the material from slipping and increases the quality of complicated geometries
  • The newly developed infeed unit prevents deformations of the profiled material and enables - together with the tool system - the positioning of end legs

BMF 60

Busbar bending machine

  • Highest precision, even when processing smallest bending radii with minimum bending distances, due to specially designed bending tool
  • The cutting unit, designed for cutting off flat material, achieves optimum cutting quality, especially with respect to busbars
  • Unique twisting unit enables the production of very complicated bending geometries and an in-process change of bending levels (so-called "twisting"
  • Highest productivity as insulation stripping process via laser is fully integrated in the production process
  • High degrees of freedom during the insulation stripping process enable a flexible positioning of contact points


The STW 1000 is the latest machine in Gehring's hairpin stator production range

  • Multi-layer twisting with freely adjustable backlash compensation
  • Axial compensation for all twisting positions
  • Force and torque monitoring for process evaluation
  • Quick tool change
  • Compact design

STW – Welding

Our solution for the optimized laser welding process of hairpins in the stator plate package

  • Automated clamping and masking system
  • Highly productive output due to two work areas with shared laser source
  • Heat input optimized welding process control

We are pleased to present this machines at the RED's


Guiding straightening and feeding of process materials

  • Reliable components with high power density for the production of bus bars and hairpins
  • High variety of variants in different sizes
  • Actively configurable straighteners and straightening systems
  • Ready-to-install systems with features on demand
  • Semi-automatic straightening technology
  • Process simulation and Inline Wire Diagnosis

HPW Metallwerk GmbH


  • State-of-the-art electric motors for EVs, PHEVs, HEVs and FCEVs require new and sophisticated solutions in the field of stator winding and insulation materials. A specialist for flat, insulated copper winding wires, HPW has developed different solutions suitable for various applications, voltage levels and other special requirements. 
  • For high voltage applications over 800 Volt, the company offers round and flat wire with insulations out of extruded high performance polymers such as PEEK or PI that have significantly improved product properties. HPW wire sets new industry standards in terms of product quality and meets the specific requirements of well-known customers.
  • Available are: PAI-coated flat wire, extruded PEEK-insulated round and flat wire, extruded polyimide insulated round and flat wire, polyimide-film insulated flat and round wire
  • Rigid busbars are used in electric vehicles as conductors. Busbars must be able to withstand above-average loads. Furthermore, narrow bending angles cause high mechanical stress in the conductor and insulation

KIT - wbk

Production research for e-mobility

Together with its industrial partners, the wbk Institute of Production Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology develops and researches innovative manufacturing and assembly processes in order to be able to produce electric drives more efficiently in the future. At the show, their focus will be on flexible manufacturing technologies and process modeling:

  • Numerical process models for shaping hairpin plug-in coils and twisting and laser welding of stators with hairpin windings
  • Digital process chains for efficient tool designs and intelligent process parameterization
  • Kinematic solutions for fast and flexible prototyping





Feinwerktechnik Otto Harrandt GmbH

Versatile, sophisticated technology for quality assurance in the E-mobility sector

  • Quality inspection for an early detection of faults
  • Readjustment of individual processes via in-line measured data
  • Increase of total output
  • Web-based data base for process monitoring and production optimization

Ensured by HARRANDT testing modules

  • Wire testing module (in-line)
  • Coating residue detection (SPC)
  • Hairpin testing module (in-line and SPC)
  • Stator testing module (in-line and SPC)

RWTH Aachen - PEM

Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components

Together with partners from industry and research, the PEM of RWTH Aachen University develops the electric vehicle production of today and tomorrow – from the idea to industrialization right up to series production. The group Electric Drive Production focuses on the realization of an economical production of the electric drive train:

  • Research and further development of a unit flexible as well as variant flexible hairpin stator production
  • Use of AI-based methods for efficient, economical and sustainable electric motor production
  • Development of new approaches and production technologies for the electric motor generation of tomorrow

TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Laser Decoating

  • High Power Short Pulse Laser TruMicro with tailored beam profile for high fill factors and top notch processing speeds
  • Fastest processing for all insulation types and layer thicknesses without affecting the conductor material
  • Scalable optics concept individual to wire size

Live demonstration of laser insulation process with TruMicro 7070 at the FMUe

Laser Contacting

  • High Power TruDisk Laser, freely programmable scanning optics PFO and intelligent Vision Line Sensor System
  • Position Measurement and Closed-Loop Welding at all Pins enable 100% quality without losses in the conductive connections
  • Welding with low spattering and free of porosities using Bright Line Weld Multi-Spot waveguide
  • Scalable Power- and waveguide concept individual to wire size and parts arrangement as well as for optimizing your machine designs
  • TRUMPF experts individually support in laser process development and realization with all technologies utilizing the know-how of our inhouse process development as well as experience from more than one hundred projects

Zeiss / GOM

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